Book cover of chromatic aberration on a young and older woman portrait in bright blue, red, orange and purple with lettering spelling Bridge and Lauren Beukes below and above


In infinite parallel universes, there’s a version of you who already has everything you’ve ever wanted.


In a future, where most of the male population have died, Cole and her 12 year old son disguised as a girl, are on the run from the worst person in the world – her sister.

The Shining Girls

The Shining Girls, about a time-travelling serial killer and the survivor who turns the hunt around, won the Strand Critics Choice Award for Best Mystery and the University of Johannesburg Prize. Soon to be a major TV series.


Broken Monsters is about art, social media and a killer trying to remake the world in his image. It was critically acclaimed by The New York Times, The Guardian and NPR and was named best suspense novel in the ALA’s 2015 Reading List. The novel is being developed for TV by Village Road Show.


Zoo City, described by the New York Times as a “phantasmagorical noir” takes place in an alternate reality Johannesburg where criminals are cursed with magical animals and a young woman with a sloth on her back and an email scam habit, has to find a missing pop star. It won the Arthur C Clarke Award and the Kitchies Red Tentacle.


Moxyland follows a headstrong activist, a idealistic young artist with an addictive bio-chemical sponsorship deal, a narcisstic vlogger, and a rogue blackhat who thinks she can outsmart her parent company, whose stories collide in a dystopian corporate future where people are controlled by their cell phones and VR hides double agendas.


Slipping, stories and other writing is Beukes’s debut collection of short fiction, from realist lit about township vigilantes and 419 email scammers, to high concept science fiction about the perils of harvesting medicinal plants on a hostile planet or a young woman competing against her self-doubt and engineered competitors, in an anything-goes enhanced x-games.


An engaging pop history about raconteurs and renegades, writers, poets, provocateurs and pop stars, artists and activists and a cross-dressing doctor. From Africa’s first black movie star and Drum covergirl, Dolly Rathebe, to Glenda Kemp, the snake-dancing stripper who shook up the verkrampte social mores of the 70s, these are the riveting true tales of women who broke with convention and damn the consequences.