Fairest – The Hidden Kingdom (issue #8)

Fairest is the spin-off of Bill Willingham’s Eisner-award-winning series, Fables. Lauren’s arc, The Hidden Kingdom, is a dark Tokyo twist on the legend of Rapunzel, with art by Inaki Miranda. The story arc ran from issue 8-13, kicking off in October 2012.

Rapunzel’s fast-growing hair is the least of her problems. Her adopted witch mother thinks she’s a slut, origami birds carrying a sinister message are attacking her window – and now, she has to defy Bigby and Snow’s orders to travel from New York to Tokyo a nd resolve a mystery from her troubled past. Hungry ghosts, talking cats, vengeful lovers scorned and monstrous yakuza await under the hot neon lights as Rapunzel seeks answers…and vengeance. Don’t miss this exciting jumping-on point to the best-selling Vertigo series which features a star-studded cast of Fables including Frau Totenkinder, Jack of Fables and many others!

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