A round-up of recent interviews

Mandy J Watson interviewed me about writing, tech, comics and my new novel, The Shining Girls for Vodacom Now and Ulrich Knoblauch did an awesome photo shoot to accompany it. Bladerunner cosplay FTW! “Writing novels is lonely work, stuck in your head with imaginary people”. (That is not my real pink hair, alas, but it is my […]

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Treachery in porcelain and hungry ghosts

The previews for Fairest #11, the comic I’ve been writing with art by the brilliant Inaki Miranda, have just gone up! It’s part four of The Hidden Kingdom mini-series set in Bill Willingham’s Fables universe and this issue is a doozy. Murder! Treachery! Politicking! Romance! Poison! Safe-cracking! More treachery! Invasion! And what happened to Rapunzel […]

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The Shining Girls Trailer & Huffington Post Books

The Huffington Post listed The Shining Girls in their round-up: “The Best Books of 2013?” which is freakingly, amazingly awesome. And here’s the teaser trailer from HarperCollins (the full version is still to come – I’ve seen stills from the shoot and it looks insane. Nothing like seeing your words brought to life in beautiful […]

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