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Here’s my schedule for the year, if you want to catch me in your city.

You can buy Broken Monsters from your favourite bookstore now. My local indie in Cape Town, The Book Lounge, is always happy to ship SA-editions of the book to anywhere in the world. It’s pricy, but I can personalize and sign them!

LONDON: October 15-16 Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival 

SATURDAY 15 October:

6 pm South African Sci-Fi

In a rare London event, Beukes reads her fiction and talks about the relationship between the present and the future. Does fiction help us glimpse what comes next? What does the future hold for women and girls? And are we entering a different time-space-continuum of complexity?

SUNDAY 16 October:

1 pm Is Sci-Fi a Female Invention?  

A panel including Naomi Alderman, Yasmin Khan and Lauren Beukes look across an international range of science fiction and discuss whether sci-fi was a female invention.

FRANKFURT: October 19 – 23 Weltempfang

SUNDAY 23 October:

12 pm African Futures

These days, Europe and the whole world are paying greater attention to Africa. They like to paint the continent’s future in terms of extremes. But how do artists, creative cultural professionals and academics from Africa view the future? In the publication “African Futures”, Sean O’Toole chairs a discussion with Lauren Beukes, Jonathan Dotse and Angela Wachuka  around these questions, taking a stance on what the future will bring.




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CAPE TOWN: September 7-9 Open Book Festival

WEDNESDAY 7 September:

8 – 9 pm Collecting Myself

Lauren Beukes, Niq Mhlongo and Heather O’Neill talk us through their respective collections. Chaired by Helen Sullivan.

THURSDAY 8 September:

6 – 7 pm What the Buzz

Lauren Beukes, Sheila Heti and Alex van Tonder reflect on the conversations their novels started. Chaired by Nick Mulgrew.

FRIDAY 9 September:

12 – 1 pm Comics Fest Signing Session 

Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen will be signing copies of Survivors Club at the Readers Den stand in the Marketplace – don’t miss out!

FRANSCHHOEK: MAY 13-15 Franschhoek Literary Festival 

FRIDAY 13 May:

10 am What’s so great about speculative fiction?

Fred Strydom (The Raft), Lauren Beukes (Broken Monsters) and Scarlett Thomas (The End of Mr Y, and other works) consider the line between speculation and realism, and why some of the most exciting literature can often be found between the covers of sci-fi, fantasy and dystopian fiction books. Chaired by Joe Vaz (editor, Something Wicked).

11:30am Pictures worth a thousand words

Revel in the growing art of telling stories with graphic novels, comics and game development – with Geoff Burrows (Zero Degrees Games, gaming developer and designer of Among the Innocent, his first game, due for release in late 2016), Lauren Beukes (The Witching Hour, Hidden Kingdom) and Raffaella Delle Donne (Triggerfish Animation Studios). Chaired by writer/director Sam Wilson.

6:30pm What was that?!

It’s Friday the 13th and haunting stories are created as Amabookabooka scaremaster Jonathan Ancer stirs the imaginations of his victims, Fred Strydom, Lauren Beukes and Louis Greenberg, through creepy sounds that inspire chilling storylines – on the fly. Heavy breathing, eerie footsteps, blood curdling screams, brewing storms… Be afraid. Be very afraid.


2:30pm The horror, the horror

John Maytham asks Bernard Minier (Frozen Dead), Lauren Beukes (Broken Monsters) and Louis Greenberg (co-writer with Sarah Lotz, as S.L. Grey, Under Ground) about what it takes to scare the living daylights out of readers, why they do it, and whether they scare themselves in the process.

SUNDAY 15 May:

10am ‘Kinking Reality and Twisty Fiction’

Fantastical storytelling is at its most potent when it’s anchored to reality. Lauren Beukes talks about why she writes strange and twisty fiction from novels to comics to TV shows and how storytelling that re-imagines where we are has the ability to tell us more about who we are. TED-style talk. With visuals.

CAPE TOWN: MAY 7-8 FanCon Cape Town Comic Con

DUBAI: MARCH 17 Art Dubai

4:15 – 5:15pm Discussion: The Future was Desert

Lauren Beukes and Sophia Al Maria talk to Shumon Basar about why the deep past of the desert is also the perennial projection of literary and cinematic futures. A time-travel trip through Oman and Australia, Namibia and South Africa, via Tatooine, Abu Dhabi and Arrakis.

KNYSNA: MARCH 19 Knysna Literary Festival 

4:30 – 9pm Delicious Word Journey

The extremely popular Delicious Word Journey returns and gives you an opportunity to experience three exclusive properties on Pezula Private Estate. Enjoy great food, accompanied by some of South Africa’s top wines, whilst chatting to well-known authors: Gareth Crocker The Last Road Trip, Lauren Beukes The Shining Girls, Shaka Sisulu Becoming, Emma Sadleir Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex, and David Grier India – Lost and Found.

JOBURG: NOVEMBER 26 Broken Monsters Charity Art Show

The second exhibition of original artworks from amazing local artists on Broken Monsters book pages – sold to raise money for Book Dash.

CAPE TOWN: NOVEMBER 13 Broken Monsters Charity Art Show

An exhibition of original artworks from amazing local artists on Broken Monsters book pages – sold to raise money for Book Dash.

JOBURG: (October 28 – November 1)

Goethe Institute’s African Futures conference.


NYC: (6-14 October 2015)

TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER: 8pm-10pm Shipwreck presents JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
Lauren Beukes will be one of six writers penning erotic fan fiction inspired by The Lord of the Rings, to be read aloud by Welcome to Nightvale’s Cecil Baldwin.

WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER: 8pm-10pm Signing at St. Marks Comics
Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen (aka Joey Hi-Fi) will be signing their brand new horror comic (created with artist Ryan Kelly) Survivors’ Club at St Mark’s Comics, 11 St. Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER 4pm-5pm New York Comic Con, Vertigo: The New #1s (Room 1A21)

Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen will join a host of other Vertigo creators to talk about their brand new comic books.

FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER 4pm-5pm New York Comic Con, Signing (DCE Booth SC-01)

LA: (14 – 21 October)

WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 7pm-9pm Meltdown Comics

Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen will be signing at legendary LA comic store, Meltdown Comics 

JOBURG: (4 – 5 September) Hello Ambassador Creative Festival

SATURDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 10:40am Bending the Light: Twisty Fiction and Added Shine

CAPE TOWN: (September 9-13)  Open Book Festival

WEDNESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 8pm-9pm Talking Turkey
Lauren Beukes, Rebecca Davis and Alex van Tonder talk writing, reading and other stuff with fanboy Mervyn Sloman.

THURSDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 6pm-7pm On Their Own Terms
Lauren Beukes, Masha Gessen and Hlonipha Mokoena discuss trailblazing with Rebecca Davis.

THURSDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 8pm-9pm The Book of Memory
Petina Gappah dicusses her debut novel with Lauren Beukes.

FRIDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 11am-1pm Wanting More
How do we increase sales of S.A. English fiction? A roundtable discussion with audience participation.

FRIDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 8pm-9pm Writer Sports
Live writing onstage: audience suggests subjects and genre and the writers get to it. Featuring Lauren Beukes, Khaya Dlanga, Patrick Gale, Petina Gappah, Fred Strydom, Laura van den Berg and Kathryn White. MC: Ben Williams 

SATURDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 12pm-1pm Comic Fest: Comics and Collaboration 
Lauren Beukes and Joey Hifi talk about what they’re working on.

SUNDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 10-10:30am onwards Wonder Woman!
Join Lauren Beukes in the Kidzone reading her Wonder Woman story “The Trouble With Cats”.

JOBURG: (July 31-August 2)  South African Book Fair

SATURDAY 1 AUGUST 1pm-2pm Stories from the Street
Talking about their cities are novelists Ivan Vladislavic and Lauren Beukes, moderated by Bontle Senne.

SUNDAY 2 AUGUST 10am – 11am Wonder Woman
 I’ll be doing a dramatic reading of the Wonder Woman in Soweto comic I wrote for DC Comics

SUNDAY 2 AUGUST 1pm-2pm Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
What are the rules of this new reality? Fred Strydom, Melissa Delport and Lauren Beukes. Chaired by Louis Greenberg.

EURO TOUR: (May 13-June 7) 


LISBON:  16 May  3pm – 6pm Other Literatures: Science Fiction at the Gulbekian Next Future Conference

Shining girls and ‘animalled’ people. Vampires that are the fruit of genetic engineering. A counter-attack launched against the Martians, with Jules Verne and H. G. Wells uncovering mysteries.

But what other literature is this that links technological progress to the detective novel, fantasy and horror stories? It is Science Fiction (SF), reinvented by Lauren Beukes, Fábio Fernandes and João Barreiros. The session reflects on contemporary culture based on the SF worlds imagined in three different continents,  which will also involve the showing of short SF films produced in Africa, South America and Europe, will seek to reveal the potentialities that this literary genre has to offer not only as a weapon of social criticism, but also as an instrument for the construction of what is to come – a future that the SF reader often senses as being frighteningly close at hand. With Fátima Vieira (chair), Fábio Fernandes (Brazil), João Manuel Rosado Barreiros (Portugal) and Lauren Beukes (South Africa).

LONDON 20 May 6pm-7pm Forbidden Planet: Lauren Beukes & Sarah Lotz

BRADFORD 21 May Bradford Literature Festival New Wave of Horror & Thriller Writing

Lauren Beukes and Sarah Lotz in conversation with award-winning Bradford writer, Michael Stewart, City Library.
Two outstanding talents from South Africa are taking the thriller and horror to new levels and creating an international storm with their writing. Both bring a fresh and different style to a well-trodden genre, taking their characters (and readers) onto a terrifying journey of survival.

in conversation with author Marcel van Driel. Broken Monsters is about a killer trying to remake the world in his image and has been racking up great reviews from The New York Times to The Guardian and NPR and won best suspense novel in the ALA’s 2015 Reading List. The novel has been optioned by Endemol’s Additional Dialogue.

HAMBURG (31 May – 3 June) 

PARIS (3-5 June)