TV and Film

Lauren is currently adapting Zoo City as a screenplay for Oscar-nominated producer Helena Spring .

Lauren wrote on Disney’s Florrie’s Dragons and Mouk and was showrunner on 104 episodes of South Africa’s URBO: The Adventures of Pax Afrika, a science fiction action adventure series with heart.

She’s written scripts for The South African Story with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and wrote the pilot for Z News, a spikily provocative political satire show.

She also directed a documentary, Glitterboys & Ganglands, about Cape Town’s biggest female impersonation beauty pageant, which won best LGBT film at the San Diego Black Film Festival.

She is represented by:
Film/TV/Comics: Lawrence Mattis at Circle of Confusion

Glitterboys and Ganglands

Click here for the Glitterboys & Ganglands trailer

Florries Dragons Mouk