In-stores today in the sexy real-paper edition!

The short Wonder Woman comic I wrote with art by the brilliant Mike Maihack is out now from good comic stores everywhere, or pick it up on Comixology or buy it at Amazon.

I got to read it to my toughest critic and I think she likes it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.06.11 PM


I was commissioned to write this by Kristy Quinn over at DC, who specifically wanted a South African take on Wonder Woman, and I wanted to write a kid-friendly story my 6-year-old daughter would appreciate.

Throw in some classic Wonder Woman villains like Cheetah and Circe; sisterly rivalry; a self-made kid heroine in Zozo; invisible jets; and the chance to turn Superman into Super Pig and hey, Zeus is your uncle!

I talked to The Washington Post about how part of this was wanting to write heroic black female kid characters (although they haven’t featured any pictures from the comic of said heroine – Zozo, but here she is)

Click here to read The Washington Post story where I talk about my mom’s love of Wonder Woman and how hard it was to get super hero comics in South Africa under apartheid.

And here’s the interview I did previously with the good people of Crave Online, talking influences, the awesomeness of Super Pig and a story of real life heroism partly inspired by one of my books.

Wonder Woman Zozo hero shotI have another short comic out at the moment too, “Chum” in Vertigo’s Strange Sports Stories #1, co-written by my long-time friend and collaborator, Dale Halvorsen, aka Joey Hi-Fi with art by Christopher Mitten.

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