One of my favourite bookish websites, Lit Hub, has put together yet another fantastic reading list for the season. I’m so excited that they included Afterland, alongside The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi, Jax Miller’s Hell in the Heartland, and Gene Wolfe’s Interlibrary Loan.

Emily Temple writes:

It’s a little hard to read this novel right now—but like everything Beukes writes, it’s worth it. When the novel opens, an “unprecedented global pandemic” (see what I mean) has killed all but 1% of the world’s male population. Cole’s twelve-year-old son Miles is one of the mysteriously immune—which means that everyone wants a piece of him, and so they hit the road in disguise as mother and daughter, Cole’s sister Billie, who has her own schemes, hot on their heels. I can say for sure that Beukes nails the speed of the unraveling, and the strangeness of living in a suddenly altered world. I hope none of the rest of it comes true.

Photo creds to @exclusive_books_apj. What a great stack!