I’m super excited that my new novel Afterland comes out in July (it’s available for preorder on Amazon!) and Lit Hub has listed it as one of their most anticipated books of 2020, in the incredible company of Zora Neale Hurston, N K Jemisin, David Mitchell, and Awkaeke Emezi, among others.

Lit Hub’s senior editor, Emily Temple, writes:

I am always here for new Lauren Beukes, but this one sounds particularly good: in a world in which a pandemic has killed almost all of the men in the world, Cole is on the run across the American west with her twelve-year-old son, who is disguised as a girl to protect him from those who would use him for their own devices—including his own sister. But regardless of plot, you can always trust Beukes to surprise and delight—as long as you’ve got a strong stomach.