Entertainment Weekly got actors Elisabeth Moss, Jamie Bell, Wagner Moura, showrunner Silka Luisa and director Michelle MacLaren together to talk about their work on Apple TV’s screen adaptation of The Shining Girls.

It’s incredibly interesting to hear the creators and cast talk about the book, what elements they felt needed to be adapted for screen, how the actors managed to keep their characters grounded and much more. Elisabeth Moss describes shooting scenes for Shining Girls as “incredibly challenging” and a “mind-bender”.

EW’s Lauren Huff writes:

Fans of Lauren Beukes’ 2013 novel The Shining Girls on which the series is based will note that these changes in reality differ from the book. Luisa says these and other changes throughout the show were born of a desire to keep the series subjective to Kirby’s experience.

Some snippets from the discussion:

Luisa: “I think the time shifts are a metaphor for the aftermath of trauma. And Kirby’s world is constantly shifting and throwing Kirby off balance, but also throwing the audience off balance.”

Bell on playing Harper: “I was really allergic to playing him as just a boogeyman. I really wanted to get under the skin of this guy. He’s an incredible invention by Lauren [Beukes] and Silke’s really built upon him.”

Make sure you catch Apple TV’s Adaptation of the book here.

Image supplied by Apple TV.