Slipping reviewed on Kirkus!

This is a terrific review of my short stories and non-fiction collection, Slipping from the team over at Kirkus: An art installation so tactile as to feel alive, a ghost that lurks alongside a promising architecture student, a girl gutted from the inside to make a premiere athlete: all stitched together into a punk tapestry […]

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Scariest books of the last 200 years

Country Living drew up this inventory of the 40 scariest books of the past 200 years. I’m stoked to see Broken Monsters on the list, in the stupendous company of H.P. Lovecraft (whose uncanny fiction is as creepily disturbing as his racist politics), Octavia E. Butler, and Stephen King. Sarah Mangiola writes: A monster is […]

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Book Riot’s renovated haunted houses

Book Riot put together this list of haunted house books “that update the classic haunted house story by investigating social issues through supernatural spaces”. I’m very honoured that they included The Shining Girls, rubbing shoulders with books by the iconic Gillian Flynn, Edgar Cantero, and Carsten Stroud. Book Riot’s Cheyenne Comer writes: In 1929, a […]

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