bartek in poland

In Poznan, Poland, recently, I was delighted to be interviewed by a young journalist called Bartek, which is also, of course, the name of the Polish engineer caught in the loop in The Shining Girls.

It’s always fun to meet someone who shares a name with one of your characters, like Chicago social media campaign genius, @harper (who is not at all murder-y) or my once-upon-a-time intern, @thebestkirby, whose name I stole, actually, for the book.

Unless they turn out to actually be one of your characters.

Bartek and I joked around about it. I signed a copy of the book for him with a Polish phrase that loosely translated means “set the world alight.”  We had a great, long interview.

And then I asked him, jokingly, where he was in 1929.

Bartek replied, “I can’t remember. I was drunk.”

Hmmmm. Does this look like the face of sneaky time-traveller to you?

bartek in poland 2 with signed book