What a fantastic review from Boing Boing for Bridge! Thank you Thom Dunn for saying such lovely things about my latest book! Dunn calls Bridge “just a fantastic novel of suspense” and an “absolute page turner” which he “devoured” “deeply and quickly”. Love that he noted the exploration around the ethical dilemmas that come with universe hopping.

Beautiful image of Bridge by @bookishblondegirl

“I haven’t devoured a novel this deeply and quickly in quite some time, and I highly recommend it, even if you’re not typically a fan of alternate reality stories.”

Via Boing Boing:

That’s another way that Bridge stands out as a novel—Beukes doesn’t shy away from acknowledging some of the more complex ethical elephants-in-the-room that accompany this sort of dimension-hopping adventure. Is it okay to steal intellectual property from an alternate version of yourself? Is it consensual to impersonate, or even become, an alternate reality version of yourself? And what if you pull that alternate reality of yourself into this reality—without their permission? Where is the line, and when do you finally cross it? Bridge takes some literal ideas about identity theft, and then extrapolates them into endlessly complicated ways. There are no clean or easy answers here—some readers may even wish that Beukes would spend more time exploring these ideas than she actually does—but it’s a fascinating twist on a standard alternate-reality story, and one that I really enjoyed.