Steph Auteri over at Book Riot drew up this list of, as she calls it, books to read while the world is falling apart. The itinerary includes Before She Sleeps by Bina Shah, the comic Bitch Planet, and my forthcoming world-without-men car-chase thriller, Afterland (originally titled Motherland).

Steph writes:

And because our appetite for these types of novels will never be satisfied, I’m just going to mention a book that’s not out until 2020 (sorry not sorry!). According to the book’s description, Beukes’s latest follows a mother living in a time when a super-virus has decimated the male population, causing a shift in the way in which the country operates. Harboring a healthy male is now considered a criminal offense, rivaled only by the murder of a man, and the book’s protagonist—who is guilty of both—struggles to find a place where she and her son can be safe. Knowing Beukes, whatever she releases will be deliciously dark.