Thank you to the awesome team over at Book Riot (one of my favourite places on the internet) for including Broken Monsters in this super cool list of books with female crime fighters. Kiran Johnson writes:

Lauren Beukes has perfected the supernatural crime thriller (if I do say so myself). She’s written a novel that’s intriguing, with a plot that simultaneously pulls you in and makes you want to look away. It’s like the reading equivalent of closing your eyes at the end of a horror movie. Detective Gabbi Versado is the no-nonsense detective striving to find the killer of a brutal and bizarre murder. The mystery/murder is interesting enough to keep the story going but we’re lucky because Beukes manages to humanize the detective through her relationship with her daughter Layla (an absolute spunky delight). If you’re looking for a sleepless night, this one’s for you.

Thanks, Kiran! And an extra thank you to reader @tracy_reads79 for this ahndsome photo of Broken Mosters in great company.