Book Riot put together this list of haunted house books “that update the classic haunted house story by investigating social issues through supernatural spaces”.

I’m very honoured that they included The Shining Girls, rubbing shoulders with books by the iconic Gillian Flynn, Edgar Cantero, and Carsten Stroud.

Book Riot’s Cheyenne Comer writes:

In 1929, a ramshackle house provides Harper Curtis with a wormhole through which to access different eras and destroy “shining girls.” These girls are strong-willed, educated, young women with bright futures. When Kirby Mazrachi, the lone survivor of Harper’s murder spree, attempts to identify and find her attacker, she discovers the house and is transported from 1993 to 1929 for a final showdown against Harper. By interspersing Kirby’s narrative with accounts of other shining girls throughout history, Beukes uses the house as a time-travel vehicle to address a legacy of gendered violence against women, particularly ones who threaten to upset patriarchal norms.

Thanks @bookclubwithbite for the photo of the US version of Shining Girls. Love the nail polish!

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