Thrilled that my twisted time-travelling serial killer genre-mash-up baby is included in Book Riot’s list of ten creatively-told suspense novels.

Liberty Hardy writes:

If you like hella-creepy mysteries, pull up a chair: This is a wildly entertaining, wildly disturbing story about a serial killer who loves to kill – and can travel through time to feed his passion. Kirby is a young journalist who survives an attack by the killer, and is now using her resources to track him down. But how can she catch a man who might not even be in the same decade as her anymore? And what she doesn’t know is that the killer is looking to finish what he started. Beukes takes readers on a tense, twisted hunt through time!

I feel like this is a good time to include the photograph of how the hell I kept track of the multiple timelines while writing it.

Photo from @eastofreaden, featuring the US edition, in some excellent company.

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