Daneet Steffens at the Boston Globe wrote a lovely review of Bridge complimenting the characters who were all so much fun to write. Thank you so much Boston Globe for the incredibly awesome words on Bridge and the very-much-grounded-in-the-real characters. All dynamic, unwitting participants captured in the threads of the Dreamworm.

Image by the awesome Regan @readbyregan

“But it’s the plethora of engaging characters that adds real substance and immersive texture to this multilayered thriller.”

Via Boston Globe:

 Into her bigger-picture narrative, Beukes has elegantly woven observations on late-stage capitalism as well as the horrors of systemic poverty, domestic abuse, racism, and war. “The world does change, slowly, and painfully, with a lot of resistance. Wouldn’t it be great if we could help it along?” observes Dom at one point.

That said, as this novel points out in Beukes’s characteristic style, be careful what you wish for.


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