Thank you so much BookBub for recommending my new book Bridge in your this summers’ most anticipated SF reading titles! Bridge is due out on August 8th in the US, August 17th in the UK and in September for SA readers.

Image by Cait Pickens @caitsbooknook via IG

“thoughtful, elegant writing alongside cutting-edge speculative storytelling”

In BookBub’s words:

Treading the line between literary fiction and science fiction, these captivating books offer the best of both worlds: thoughtful, elegant writing alongside cutting-edge speculative storytelling. This collection of thought-provoking literary sci-fi will transport you to near futures, other planets, parallel universes, and beyond the reaches of your imagination! […]

A mind-bending new release from an author George R. R. Martin calls “a major, major talent,” this novel follows Bridge, whose neuroscientist mother, Jo, has recently passed on. Jo was convinced she had the means to open portals to other worlds — and while cleaning out her late mother’s home, Bridge discovers that what she believed was a delusion was, in fact, very much real… Grady Hendrix calls this read “sheer, thrilling madness with a big, beating heart.”