Max Booth III, author of The Nightly Disease, wrote up this cool piece for Crime Reads about some of his favourite books that blend crime and horror (because what are genre labels, anyway?). I’m honoured that he included Broken Monsters, alongside some other stupendous titles, like Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places, and North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud.

Max writes:

By coincidence only did I read this novel during the initial airing of True Detective season one and, by golly, I can’t conceive of a more suitable companion to Nic Pizzolatto’s wonderfully fucked-up HBO series. The very first visuals Lauren Beukes offers her readers in Broken Monsters are of a dead little boy somehow attached to the lower half of a deer, officially becoming the lead protagonist’s weirdest crime scene she’s ever investigated. If Pizzolatto ever runs out of juice, it would only make sense to adapt Broken Monsters in a future season of True Detective. It has that TD vibe written all over it.

Photo by @spine.tingling, who has an adorable cat!