AIPT Comics answer viewers’ most pressing possible questions about the Shining Girls adaptation; some questions that would make sense if you’ve read the book. This article will contain spoilers. Reading this article is recommended if you have finished the whole series. Important parts of the story are addressed and explained. Nick Nafpliotis from AIPT sheds light on the house, Harper, the women and Kirby, totems and the ever-shifting time. Possibly the most important answer provided by Nafpliotis to a question that may arise from the series: “What’s up with the dog?” to which he answers, “First off, his name is Grendel and he’s adorable. […]”. 

A great break down of the adaptation post the season finale. For viewers who haven’t read it yet, all the answers to your burning questions about Shining Girls can be discovered in the book!

Nick Nafpliotis writes:

The novel by Lauren Beukes is fantastic. The story also unfolds very differently and concludes with a completely different ending. I won’t spoil anything big here except to say that there are no reality shifts in the book. That’s an aspect that was completely unique to the television series.

I’ll also say that I liked the book better, but that’s mostly due to Beukes’ writing (she’s one of my all-time favorite authors) and how a novel can get inside its characters’ minds in a way that a television series just can’t.

That said, both are great.”


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