Talking Afterland and women in power for Shondaland

I so enjoyed getting to chat over Zoom with Connor Goodwin of Shondaland. We talked journalism, complicating feminist utopias, the art of world-building, and the fairy tale of justice. Connor writes: Set in a near-future that eerily resonates with our present pandemic, Afterland is not only an intriguing thought experiment, but a riveting read. With her ability […]

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Talking Afterland and conspiracy theories for Electric Lit

A conversation between me and writer Jacqueline Alnes is up on Electric Lit! I really enjoyed doing this interview and the nuance and depth of the questions. We talked about the patriarchy, conspiracy theories and adventures in research, driving some of the routes and visiting locales from Salt Lake City to small Colorado towns all […]

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Joining the jury for the SCI-FI-LONDON film challenge

It was so much fun being a judge at the Shnit Short Film Festival last year. I’m honoured to get to do it again as part of the jury for the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival’s film challenge, together with Dr Sian Proctor, Patrick Tatopoulos, Ben Thompson, and others who have yet to be announced. The London-based annual […]

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