CBR’s Sam Stone talks to stunt coordinator Matt LeFevour about choreographing fight scenes and creating the epic WWI scene on the set of The Shining Girls adaptation.

“It was amazing to see what started with a script evolve into these massive action sequences. I had great rapport with all of our directors, so I would always try to come to the table with an idea and solution.”

LeFevour worked closely with all three directors to bring the script to life, often improvising on set like incorporating some set props into the final shot. LeFevour reveals how some of the most epic scenes in the adaptation were filmed.

Stone: What are some of the biggest tools you got to hone working on Shining Girls?

LeFevour: Our four directors — Michelle MacLaren, Daina Reid, and Elisabeth Moss — outside of participating in some ND stunt stuff, their playbook was stamped with horror-thriller. To bring all of the elements, whether it’s lighting, reveals, or sometimes not showing anything at all, in how they create the suspense with that unique storytelling style that builds that flavor out where people want more of it, was a treat for sure.

Image Supplied by Apple TV+