Survivors’ Club

By Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and artist Ryan Kelly

What if the horror movies of the 1980s were real? Where are those kids today?

The haunted house, the demonic doll, the cursed video game, the monstrous neighbor, the vengeful ghost, the killer imaginary friend…in 1987 a wave of horrors struck communities around the globe. Six traumatized kids survived those events, and grew up haunted by what happened to them. Thirty years later, their demons are coming to light and they’ll be forced to confront each other’s nightmares.

Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom

By Lauren Beukes and Inaki

The New York Times best-selling graphic novel set in the Fables universe tells the story of Rapunzel setting off to Japan to find the children who were stolen from her, confront her own role in the downfall of the yokai kingdom so many centuries ago – and her long lost love now nemesis, a fox spirit called Tomoko.

Wonder Woman “The Problem with Cats”

By Lauren Beukes and Mike Maihack

Set in Soweto, this kid-friendly comic short sees Wonder Woman face off against The Cheetah and an imaginative kid, Zozo, coming in to her powers to defeat a monster of her own.

2000AD: “The Judas Strain”

By Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and Carlos Ezquerra

Strontium Dogs Johnny Alpha and Durham Red are hunting down witnesses to testify against a blood-sucking, planet-ravaging intergalactic war criminal. But the diplomatic safe haven they’re heading for turns out to be the lion’s den.

Strange Adventures: “All the Pretty Ponies”

By Lauren Beukes and Inaki

In a near future Sao Paolo, anyone can take a MindRide joyride through other people’s lives. But when a rich gangster invites the general’s son and his fashion designer girlfriend to an illegal pony ride party, he has something other in mind than slumming it inside the heads of desperate young street kids.

The Witching Hour: “Birdie”

By Lauren Beukes and Gerhard Human

Birdie is a little street witch in a future Cape Town. The seagulls bring her messages from the dead, small objects that she delivers to the people who need them and understand the significance. But when a gangster turns up dead, his boss brings Birdie in to find out if he betrayed him, not understanding that’s not how her powers work… and that the birds have a message just for him.

Strange Sports Stories: “Chum”

By Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and Christopher Mitten

To little Amantha’s horror, a violent ice hockey game turns into a ritual human sacrifice to celebrate the long-ago defeat of the kaiju. As something stirs beneath the ice, her dad starts to wonder about who the real monsters are.