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Thrilled to hear from my Spanish publisher, Siruela, that Monstruos rotos (Broken Monsters) has sold out and is going for a second printing. Thank you Spain!  Here is a picture of me with dried protea antlers to celebrate.

Spanish newspaper El Pais interviewed me about the book and noir in general, If you click through to the link and hit translate into English to read it. 

Or here’s a snip from my interview answers in English. 

“My style is noir with a twist and a social conscience. I like to ask difficult moral questions in my fiction, that I don’t necessarily have the answer to, and to use the strange elements of the plot to expose the raw underbelly of the real world that we take for granted.

Noir is what happens in the cracks of society. It shines a light into the darkest parts of us, with equal parts cynicism and compassion. It might be hard to face sometimes, but you dare not look away.”

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