Elle put together this great list of books they’re looking forward to in summer 2020. I’m thrilled that they included my forthcoming car-chase-across-America baby, Afterland, alongside books by Akwaeke Emezi, Lit Hub editor Emily Temple, legend David Mitchell, and others.

Lauren Puckett writes:

In Afterland, the world is run by women. A mysterious pandemic—agh, that word again—has destroyed the vast majority of the male population, and women are desperate to keep the human race alive. Men are valuable, and so protagonist Cole must protect her son, Miles, by disguising him as a girl. Of course, an army of dangerous people are after them, including Cole’s own sister. 

Afterland is out now in South Africa as an ebook, and comes out July 28 from my American publisher Mulholland Books and 1 September in England from Michael Joseph.