Slipping screenshot

My debut collection Slipping: Stories, Essays, and Other Writing will be out on the 29th November (you can preorder it from Amazon or find your nearest local US independent bookstore via Indiebound)

It’s getting some lovely reviews already, including this one from This Ain’t Living. Read the full thing here, and here’s a snip:

“The stories range from short — less than half a page — to complex, multipart explorations of human nature and embodiment. Some are played more or less straight in a contemporary setting with characters you might meet anywhere. Others take on science fiction and the boundaries of what humans can do. Some zip into outer space, or retell fairytales, or offer narratives of vengeance for the noxious sexist things people to do one another. Many of them are set in various versions of Beukes’ home, South Africa, and they attempt to show interesting slices of a world that many people know only in vague shapes and suggestions…”

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