Super excited to let US readers know that my art monsters horror novel Broken Monsters is on sale on Kindle throughout this whole month. You can read it for $1.99 until 30 April. Hailed as “scary as hell” by Stephen King and “enormously satisfying” by the New York Times (thank you to both!). Full of art, the surreal and mythological, exploring the incredible heart of Detroit and the broken in all of us. You can get your copy here.

“imbuing her story with shrewd social commentary, dark humor, and a dusting of metaphysical wonder”

Detective Gabi Versado has hunted down many monsters during her eight years in Homicide. She’s seen stupidity, corruption and just plain badness. But she’s never seen anything like this. Clayton Broom is a failed artist, and a broken man. Life destroyed his plans, so he’s found new dreams – of flesh and bone made disturbingly, beautifully real. Detroit is the decaying corpse of the American Dream. Motor-city. Murder-city.  And home to a killer who wants to make you whole again…

“Exquisitely paced and impeccably controlled . . . An enormously satisfying novel that employs the best attributes of multiple genres to dramatize big ideas about art, the Internet and urban decay. . . . Beukes moves effortlessly through many of the city’s worlds, from police precincts to the Internet-driven secret lives of teenage girls and the homeless shelters and mostly dead neighborhoods of a hobbled American city, all while teasing a disturbingly beautiful and possibly supernatural universe existing at its borders.”―New York Times Book Review

“Captivating . . . A thoroughly modern, supernatural thriller.”―Karolina WaclawiakLos Angeles Times

“Simple, elegant prose . . . The anticipation and dread Beukes crafts is remarkable. Also remarkable is Beukes’s ability to blend genres, seamlessly incorporating horror, fantasy and traditional crime in ways that highlight the best parts of each. It feels new–unprecedented, in a way.”―Madison VainEntertainment Weekly

“Flawless–I haven’t read a scarier, more tense book in years. . . . It’s hard to overstate how ambitious Broken Monsters is, maybe because Beukes somehow manages to make it look easy. Her prose is unhindered, exuberant and something like addictive–you can tell yourself you’re just going to read one chapter, but before you know it, you’ve gone through 100 pages. You could say that she’s as edgy as James Ellroy, as creepy as Stephen King and as darkly funny as Kurt Vonnegut, but Beukes is an author whose work is resistant to easy comparisons. Broken Monsters is one of the most remarkable books of the year, and one of the best suspense novels you’ll read in quite some time.”―Michael

“Scary as hell and hypnotic. I couldn’t put it down. . . . I’d grab it, if I were you.”―Stephen King