Kristen Lopez at IndieWire praises the TV Adaptation of Shining Girls finale calling the ending “a surprising twist: a fairly definitive ending”. Lopez writes about how the show maintains a neat and concise ending while still leaving room for a potential Season 2, something which she notes is fairly rare in the TV series industry. She describes the ending as “earned” after following Kirby, Dan, Harper and other through their non-linear timelines. A great review of the finale episode of a series backed by tremendous talent.

Lopez writes:

The first season of “Shining Girls” came to a close on Friday with a surprising twist: a fairly definitive ending. Sure, there are still avenues for a potential Season 2 to go down, but for a series focused so heavily on time shifts and scene-by-scene changes, to have Season 1 end with everything being settled and secure felt refreshing.

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