It was so much fun being a judge at the Shnit Short Film Festival last year. I’m honoured to get to do it again as part of the jury for the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival’s film challenge, together with Dr Sian Proctor, Patrick Tatopoulos, Ben Thompson, and others who have yet to be announced.

The London-based annual international film festival, which was started by Louis Savy, is an awesome place for fans of all things science fiction. The 48 Hour Challenge takes place between 18 – 20 April 2020. You’ll be given the title for your film, a piece of dialogue that must be said by a character in the film, a prop list or action, that must be seen on screen, and an optional scientific idea or theme. You then have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and finish your film. I’m so excited to see all the films that come out of this!


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