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The original horror comic I’m co-writing with Dale Halvorsen aka Joey Hi-Fi, with gorgeous, creepy, compelling art by Ryan Kelly, cinematic colors by Eva de la Cruz and lettering by Clem Robins, is getting some very nice shouts from comics pros we love!

Survivors’ Club tells the story of six people who survived real-life horror movie scenarios when they were kids: the haunted house, the video game that opens onto hell, the J-horror monster on your back, killer doll, bitey sex cannibal neighbor and a serial killer imaginary friend. Now something has brought them all together and it’s all happening again, worse than before…

It’s a mega-mash of our favourite horror tropes and genres. with a diverse cast, and we’re really proud of it.

Issue #6 will be out next month, so pre-order now from your local comic books store or you  buy the whole series in digital from Comixology right now.