My official comment on who won the TV/film rights in the four-way bidding war on The Shining Girls.

lauren and leo

This guy. (And yeah, sorry, that’s the closest I got to him in person. He’s a busy man).

Joe Hipps from MRC and John Ridley from Leonardo diCaprio’s production company Appian Way landed the option after months of careful negotiation with my agents.

I chose them over the other brilliant, passionate production companies because they’re thinking smart about the future of television and breaking the current funding models to do cool new things with hot talent, like MRC putting together House of Cards, with Kevin Spacey and directed by David Fincher and releasing it straight to Netflix – which is NOT to say they’ll use the same model for The Shining Girls. (Not least cos Kevin Spacey would make a terrible Kirby)

Here’s the Hollywood Reporter exclusive on the deal.

Watch the book trailers here (UK) and here (US)