In more Halloweeny round-ups, Lit Hub included Broken Monsters in this awesome round-up of horror books, which all happen to be written by women. I’m so happy to be listed alongside Mary Shelley, Samanta Schweblin, my friend Sarah Lotz, Toni Morrison, and so many other incredible writers.

Lit Hub’s Emily Temple writes:

South African writer Beukes is one of the biggest names in contemporary horror right now, and for good reason: her novels are intelligent, fast-paced, and leave you with that horrible sick feeling—you know, the one you read horror novels for. For me it was a toss-up between Broken Monsters and The Shining Girls, but considering I locate the nexus of horror in the Internet right now, I’d say start with the former, which opens with the discovery of a body in Detroit: a young boy, whose lower half has been cut off and replaced with that of a deer’s.

Photograph by reader @meggsbookclub nicked from her bookstagram.