In response to the super-annoying question “can women write thrillers?”, Bethanne Patrick of Lit Hub wrote up this brilliant list of must-read thrillers which also happen to all be written by women. I’m stoked to have been included by dint of The Shining Girls. The list also includes Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger, Camilla Läckberg’s The Ice Princess, and several others.

Bethanne says:

Am I cheating because this novel is first-rate dystopian science-fiction as well as a topnotch thriller? I say if a writer can pull off a book that transcends genre, then no. Beukes’s sophomore effort is summa cum laude terrific, the tale of a serial killer from the past whose victims live in a future they were never meant to have. Why Beukes isn’t more widely known and read must be due to the fact that her gorgeous writing demands readers sit up, pay attention, and consider alternatives.

Thanks @eastofreaden for this beautiful photo of The Shining Girls. I love your colour scheme.