Tobias Carrol of Electric Lit put together this list of ten books that “explore what happens when income inequality goes unchecked”. The list includes my first novel, Moxyland, alongside Chronic City by giant Jonathan Lethem, The Mare by Mary Gaitskill, and others.

Tobias writes:

One of the side effects of income inequality is the way it enables corporations to chip away at our identity. Similarly, it reveals our materialism, how we’re willing to compromise for lower prices on products, social connections, and something shiny and new. Lauren Beukes’s Moxyland imagines a near future where all of these things have been taken to their logical and extreme end points; the result is akin to a blend of George Saunders’s anti-consumerist narratives and William Gibson’s uncanny futurism.

Thanks reader @underthecoverwithhbh for this gorgeous photo featuring the USA edition of Moxyland and one helluva countryside sunset.