Mythic Fiction

From 22-24 March, I’ll be in Rochester, Minnesota to attend the first ever Fablescon, aka Fabletown & Beyond, a convention put together by Bill Willingham to celebrate comics and books that riff off mythic fiction.

“Mythic Fiction comics are Fables and Sandman, The Unwritten, Bone, Kill Shakespeare, Mice Templar, Stuff of Legend, Memorial, Fairest, The Abominable Charles Christopher, Mouse Guard, Hellboy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Arrowsmith, House of Mystery, Castle Waiting, and dozens more truly wonderful books. Mythic Fiction is that magic-bound alliance of fairytales, folklore, myth, legend, talking animals and characters from literature, given new life, new challenges to face and new adventures to chronicle.”

The line-up includes amazing writers and artists like Mike Carey, Gene Ha, Peter Gross, Adam Hughes, Chris Roberson, Sean E Williams and Chrissie Zullo among others, as well as Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond, who will be reviewing artists’ portfolios, Not forgetting, of course, Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham, multi-Eisner award-winning creators of the fairytales-in-exile series, Fables. 

I’ll be hanging at the Kill Shakespeare Bar and doing some cool panels with interesting people, talking about the recent Rapunzel-in-Japan remix I wrote Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom, Fables spin-off with art by the amazing Inaki Miranda.

If you’re in Minnesota, or nearby, swing by. All the details for registration and accommodation are at the Fablescon site.

You can get Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom (six issues spanning #8-#13) at any good comic store (the final issue is due out this week) or wait for the trade paperback, coming in July.