Sally Adee reviewed Bridge for New Scientist, writing an incredibly in-depth piece on how human nature and decision-making feature in my latest book. Adee comments on how those two aspects are often overlooked sub-topics within the multiverse genre and notes that “the twists and epiphanies” kept her hooked while reading. What an incredible review! Thank you New Scientist and Sally Adee!
Image via New Scientist

“This is why Bridge is an essential entrant into the multiverse genre. It demonstrates the one crucial flaw in the entire multiverse fantasy: human nature.”

Via New Scientist:

Social scientists have identified two main cognitive styles people fall into when making decisions. Maximisers endlessly obsess over the optimal choice; satisficers simply try to do the next right thing. Sometimes, less is more. Maximisers, it turns out, take longer to agonise about their decisions, sometimes becoming too overwhelmed to make a choice at all. They are also far more likely to regret the decision they made.