A fantastic review from Bethan Ackerley at New Scientist on the new Shining Girls adaptation streaming on Apple TV+. They look at some key differences from the book and praise the performances of each leading actor. Ackerley writes: “the themes of trauma and renewal – at once more mundane and more remarkable than any sci-fi conceit could hope to be – that make the series worth watching.”

A snippet from the review:

“Fans of The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes’s 2013 novel on which the show is based, should note that the series is considerably different. It largely eschews the grisliness of its source material, which devoted much of its narrative to the killer’s perspective. Instead, it has been transformed into a cerebral, mind-bending puzzle, with the murderer (Jamie Bell) and his methods left a cipher.”


Catch the Apple TV+ Adaptation of the book here


Image supplied by Apple TV+