It’s such a thrill to see Afterland recommended by the New York Times, in the company of Want by Lynn Steger Strong, The Unidentified by Colin Dickey, and Laura van den Berg’s new short story collection, I Hold a Wolf by the Ears.

Joumana Khatib writes:

After the “Manfall” pandemic wipes out most of the men on the planet, Cole disguises her son — one of the last males on Earth — as a girl and tries to get him to safety before the government can snatch him. Their cross-country journey is treacherous, as they evade not only the Department of Men but also Cole’s sister, Billie, who is determined to separate mother and son. Beukes’s imagined world — complete with bootleg sperm and faux baby bumps — is a thrilling setting for an examination of maternal love.

Photo from @printbookstore. What a brilliant stack!