Ralph Jones at NME calls the Shining Girls adaptation “a deliberately slippery, complex, enigmatic show that refuses to give its audience easy answers” and gives the show a solid four out of five stars. Praising performances and writing, Ralph Jones writes a great, honest review for NME on the recent adaptation of The Shining Girls.

Jones writes:

There’s some great writing: “When you write about the dead, you write with water,” says Dan, urging Kirby to tell her story because she, unlike the murdered women, is alive and kicking. And with Bell also fantastically horrible, there’s a commendable amount of great work on display. It is easy to see why its detractors will complain – it is a little opaque, and perhaps it fails to stick the landing – but its mystery is a huge part of its charm, and you’ll be gripped till the very last minute, anxious to see how all the pieces of the jigsaw come together.

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