Hey US readers! Afterland, dubbed by Stephen King a “smartly written thriller that opens with a satisfying bang”, is on sale at the moment over at Amazon.com as part of their monthly Kindle deals. You can read the Afterland ebook for $2.99. The offer is valid only until the end of May. You can get it here amzn.to/44znmlK.

“How can you not fall in love with a book where the P.P.E.-wearing scientists tasked with discovering a vaccine are called plague-o-nauts and there’s a government bureau dealing with PMdFs, or Previously Male-dominated Fields?” – Stephen King Via The New York Times

“The flap copy on my advance edition declares that “Afterland” is a “high-concept feminist thriller that Lauren Beukes fans have been waiting for.” It is a thriller, I grant you that, and feminist in the sense that most of the men have been erased by a flu virus that develops into prostate cancer, but Beukes is too wise and story-oriented to wham away at ideas that have been thoroughly explored, sometimes at tedious length, on cable news and social media. She lets her tale do the talking, and the results are quite splendid.” – Stephen King via The New York Times.

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