Andrea Nagel from Timeslive chatted to me last month, just before the release of Apple TV’s The Shining Girls adaptation. We talk about the long process involved in adapting a book like The Shining Girls, working closely with showrunner Silke Luisa and revisiting research that went into writing the book.

We revisit the core themes in The Shining Girls: femicide, violence against women and ultimately justice.

“I wanted to discuss the way we talk about violence against women — what is loss when we lose someone that could have had a great impact on the world? The book is about femicide, about being a survivor, about trauma.”

Nagel writes:

What she [Lauren] really hopes is that this story shows the rest of the world that South Africans are awesome. “We don’t tend to appreciate our writers and artists until they make it big overseas — until you’re a Trevor Noah. I want us to appreciate the talent we have here, right now.”

Read the full interview here.

Make sure you catch Apple TV’s Adaptation of the book here.

Image via Apple Books and Apple TV+