“This crop of standout series brings us tech dystopias, culture clashes, sarcastic superheroes, adorable schoolkids, twisted time travel, and much more” writes journalist Alan Sepinwall at Rolling Stone. Described as “new and exciting” and a “gripping thriller” Shining Girls has been included in Rolling Stone’s best of 2022 shows for its lead actress Elisabeth Moss and the spin on the serial-killer trope mixed with time-travel. Sepinwall on Shining Girls:


“A surprisingly gripping thriller.”


Television didn’t really need another serial-killer show. And Elisabeth Moss didn’t really need another role that would see her seethe over being victimized by men — despite how fantastic she is at playing that particular kind of rage. Yet when the two were combined, along with the time-travel twist of Shining Girls, it all felt new and exciting enough to work. A surprisingly gripping thriller.


Image supplied by Apple TV+