Screen Rant’s John Ranic collects some stand out quotes from The Shining Girls adaptation. A triumph of an adaptation from Showrunner Silka Luisa and the team of writers who brought the book to life. Ranic describes the show as “a little Lost, and a little more Memento meets Se7en” and lists his top 10 snippets from the series.

Pull quote from Screen Rant's best quotes from Shining Girls series

At number 7 is this line from Jinny:

“Just Because Something Hasn’t Happened Yet Doesn’t Mean It Won’t. It Always Takes Looking At Something A Few Times Before It Makes Sense.”

A great list highlighting the equally great writing from the team who created the series. Some fans may have already guessed which bit of the script made it in at number 1.

Ranic writes:

With the final episode of AppleTV+’s Shining Girls now up in at least one reality, the fragmented chase between a time-hopping serial killer and the woman who escaped her fate has finally spawned some clarity. As each episode grows progressively more curious, the hellish rabbit hole that Harper Curtis crawled out of and Kirby Mazrachi is determined to kick in takes viewers on a decidedly disjointed ride that’s a little Lost, and a little more Memento meets Se7en.

Inspired by Lauren Beukes’ novel of (almost) the same name, the AppleTV+ reimagination is lush with verbal baubles that glow with importance. As viewers binge their way through Kirby’s realities, the dialogue reads as the lede to a story waiting to be written.

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