Lincoln Michel, author of Upright Beasts and the co-editor of Gigantic Worlds has whipped up this list of “ten of the strangest crimes in literature, ranging from the weirdly realistic to the utterly impossible”, for Crime Reads. I’m flattered that he included The Shining Girls, together with so you don’t get lost in the neighborhood by Patrick Modiano, Roberto Bolaño’s Distant Star, and The Likeness by Tana French, among others.

Lincoln writes:

The South African writer Lauren Beukes has made a career out of bizarre genre-bending crime novels. Zoo City takes place in a science fiction world where criminals have animals magically attached to them as punishments. Broken Monsters features a killer who sews the corpses of animals and humans together. But perhaps her strangest criminal is featured in The Shining Girls, about a depression-era drifter who finds a house that contains portals to other time periods and becomes a time-traveling serial killer of bright young girls.

Thanks @haloslibraryoflife for the very classy photo!