So cool to see such a great review of my collection of short stories and non-fiction, Slipping, in SciFi Now.

Jonathan Hatfull writes:

The stories assembled here not only show off her eclectic range of influences and interests, but the strength of her voice, her passion for her subjects, and that fantastic blend of anger, analysis, sensitivity and wit. […] The best short story collections should feel like a treasure trove, a carefully curated present from the author to the reader. If you’re a fan of Beukes’ work, this is a gift.

You can read the whole review here! SciFi Now also recommends that if you liked Slipping, you’ll love  Three Moments Of An Explosion, a short story collection by China Miéville – who, fun fact, presented me with the Arthur C Clarke award back in 2011.

Photo creds go to my publishers, @tachyonpub. 


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