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Last night, The Shining Girls Charity Art Show raised R95 000 for Rape Crisis in about 20 minutes as the queue that went down four flights of stairs streamed in to snap up art.

Huge thanks to Jacki Lang, brilliant and tireless curator who pulled the whole thing together, the buyers, the sponsors, (Pick ‘n’ Pay, Carola Koblitz, MCC Genevieve sparkling wine, The Cape Town School of Photography for hosting and documenting everything and my publisher Umuzi) and especially, especially the artists who so generously donated original works on a page ripped from the book for the show.

The show runs til Friday 13th September at the Cape Town School of Photography, 4th Floor, 62 Roeland Street (above Vida e Caffe), please do come take a look.

We’ll be contacting all buyers and waiting listees this week to arrange payment.

We’re working to put together a proper catalogue of the work and the artists but in the meantime here’s the list of the 67 contributing artists and bios on half of ’em (we’re chasing down the remaining ones and will update asap!)

Adam Hill
Alex Hamilton
Alex Latimer
Beth Diane Armstrong
black koki
brandt botes
Brett Murray
cameron platter
Cathy Abraham
Chad Rossouw
claudette schreuders
conrad botes
Daniel Ting-Chong
David Brits
Dean Hutton
Dineo Seshee Bopape
Ed Young
Emma Cook
gabby raaff
Galia Gluckman
gareth owen
gemma orkin
Gerhard Human
Hannalie Taute
heath nash
Helen Pritchard
Ida Elsje
Jade Klara
Jesse Breytenbach
Joey Hi-Fi
Jordan Metcalf
keri muller
Kim Stern
lara feldman
Lauren Fowler
Lien Botha
Liza Grobler
Lorenzo Nassimbeni
Louisa Betteridge
Marc Shoul
Matthew Hindley
Michael Chandler
michelle baron
Morne Visage
olaf bischoff
paul senyol
peter eastman
philippa green
Ree Treweek
richard scott
Rikus Ferreira
Roger Ballen
rowan foxcroft
serge alain nitigeka
Shany Van den Berg
Sindiso Nyoni
stephen rosin
syndi Kahn
Wilhelm Kruger
willeen le roux
wim botha


Thank you a million times over! 


Lien Botha:

Lien Botha is a well-known Cape Town based Photographer. Keep and eye out for her tenth solo show called ‘Yonder’ which will open at the Barnard Gallery in Newlands, Cape Town in March 2014. You can find out more about Lien and her work at


Emma Cook:

Emma Cook is an illustrator and maker of things both weird and wonderful while juggling being an illustration rep for Alexander’s Band. This local talent lives and works in Cape Town. You can see more of her brilliant illustrations at: follow her on twitter @emma_s_cook.


Cathy Abraham:

Based in Cape Town, Abraham interrogates conventional roles of women in the domestic institutions of marriage and religion.  She references her personal experience as a pivotal point of departure for her evolving look at these ideas. You can get an eyeful of her work at:


Sindiso Nyoni aka R!OT

Born and raised in Bulawayo, Sindiso is a funky self-developed graphic artist, multi-disciplinary designer, illustrator and activist based in Johannesburg. You can sate your riotous hunger for more at:


Lara Feldman

A woman of mystery. Some say only virgins can lay eyes on Lara Feldman’s art work (though I’ve disproven this theory) and others say that if you say her name three times while looking into a mirror…You’ll be taken here: Go on. You know you want to.


Alex Hamilton

A pop artist, known for his fabulous hand-cut stencils depicting celebrity cult. His eclectic, magpie attitude is reflected in the 1600+ stencils, created over the past 4 years, inspired by street art stencil graffiti, classic Warhol Pop art and well…need you hear more?. Check him out at:


Heath Nash:

As an artist and designer, Heath Nash likes to use the raw materiality of any given medium to draw attention to the potential inherent therein; and right there to find visual and cultural relevance for the contemporary viewer. He’s also very easy on the eyes, have a peak at:


Will Krüger:

Will has fallen through the looking glass and is a graphic designer working in the big smoke that is London. He appreciates the perspective of seeing his country from the outside in (when he can see through the fog). And the winner for coolest website name is:


Gabrielle Raaff

A painter fascinated with the people and architecture of South African cities and neighbourhoods. She predominantly works in ink and watercolour. Step into her neighbourhood at:


Helen A Pritchard

Helen A Pritchard completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London. Recent solo exhibitions include Moths, Drones and Drainpipes at the Rove Gallery in London, and Between Object and Place and SMAC Cape Town. Educate yourself on her work at:


Dean Hutton

Formerly known as Nadine Hutton, she is a photojournalist who moves beyond the constraints of still imagery, and also practices as a visual artist in video, installation, intervention and performance art. Much of her work is concerned with social issues. Get some counseling at:


David Brits

Brits graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, in 2010 and has a background in audiovisual and photographic archiving as well as graphic design. Brits is a practicing artist, designer and illustrator. Take a gander

Ed Young


Shany van den Berg

Renowned for her technical acumen, subtle symbolism and agility in slipping between figuration and abstraction and  refusing to rest easy on her creative laurels. Her work is a process of constantly challenging, reconstituting and re-channelling  of layering and excavation. Get digging at:


Stephen rosin:

Stephen Rosin was born in the former Rhodesia and graduated in 1999 with a degree(cum laude) in Fine Art from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He is the 2009 winner of the prestigious Absa l’Atelier Art competition. Get your Madiba on at:


Gemma Orkin:

‘I am a ceramic artist, I make and paint all the things I love in life’


Jade Klara

Jade Klara graduated with a B.A from UCT (2003) and a B.A from Vega (2007). Her work is characterised by a strong and feminine style as she plays with whimsical imagery and narrative. She has been published in Monsa’s Sweet Illustration book and won the Gold craft Loerie in 2011 for her illustration work. Jade Klara is working towards a 2-person show at Salon91 in 2013. Step into her whimsical world at:


Jesse Breytenbach

Printmaker, illustrator and an artist of few words. Get strong and silent at:


Morné Visagie,

Visagie graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2011, is a printmaker at Warren Editions, and practicing artist based in Cape Town. Check out the man behind the incredibly hard to pronounce name at:


Michelle Baron:

Michelle Baron is a young Capetonian illustrator and graphic designer with a love for detailed and whimsical work. For more of her favorite details check her out at:


Jordan Metcalf

A South African graphic designer, illustrator and artist. The rest is a secret head to and I might let you in on it.


Alex Latimer

Juggling writing and illustrating Alex is: a writer and illustrator. His picture books are published around the world and his first novel for grown-ups, The Space Race, was published this year. Go cosmic at:


Ello Xray Eyez

Ello is an artist and designer working from Cape Town, South Africa. Say hello to Ello’s work at:  and


Black Koki

Artist, curator, illustrator and film photographer living in Cape Town. Specializing in good times, look out for him on a wall near you or check out the man’s tumblr account #hipster


Brandt Botes

Graphic designer and illustrator Brandt heads up Studio Botes – a boutique design shop that specialises in corporate identities, packaging design and illustration. You can check out his package at:


Daniel Ting Chong

An illustrator and designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Talented would be his middle name if it wasn’t ‘Ting’.


Gareth Owen:

Born and bred in Cape Town. Gareth studied to be an Art Director at The AAA School of Advertising, where he learnt to master the craft of cat-vertising. When he’s not at the gym getting biiig, he’s coming up with biiig ideas at Y&R. He likes Tabby Cats. Follow his biiig ideas: @_Garethowen


Rowan Foxcroft:

Growing up in an isolated small town on the East Coast, Rowan is familiar with the hardships of being disconnected from civilisation. Today he lives the “Big City Life” in the Mother City, as an Art Director at Y&R. He likes Ginger Cats. Follow his thoughts: @rowanfoxcroft


Chad Rossouw

An artist, writer and lecturer based in Cape Town. A lecturer of what, you ask? Find out at:


Rikus ferreira

Rikus is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer living and working in cape town. Short, swet and to the point check out Rikus’ work at


Lorenzo Nassimben

Lorenzo works in the medium of drawing, mural work and surface design. He has many noteworthy group exhibitions to his name (too many to list here). As an independent applied artist he has exhibited his work at the Design Indaba Expo, Cape Town, South Africa between the years of 2008 and 2013. Go for gold at:


Joey Hifi:

By day he is an award winning graphic artist (also one of the world’s most sought after cover designers) and masked vigilante by night. He is the artist this exhibitions deserves and the one it needs right now. Turn the page to learn more about this caped crusader at:


Matthew Hindley

Hindley has most recently been working on a series of paintings inspired by the mythological African tales of South African writer Don Mattera, for a book to be published by Rhodeworks, Berlin in 2013. Peaked your interest? Leanr more at:


Lauren Fowler

A talented illustrator, graphic designer and thing maker from Cape Town. Don’t ask what kind of things.


Ree Treweek

Treweek is the co-founder of the concept/animation studio Shy The Sun and the fanatsy collective The Blackheart Gang. She works in various mediums ranging from animation to sculpture and illustration.


Keri muller:

If you love this artist as much as we do then go to: It’s simple and yet oh so intriguing.

Willeen Le Roux

‘Some of the time I work as a graphic designer and some of the time I illustrate, but the majority of the time, I am obsessed with my french bulldogs. I don’t have a gallery or website – I am extremely shy of social media.’



A renowned and accomplished artist, who specializes in designing and manufacturing unique and individual pieces. She was a finalist in the Brett Kebble Art Awards in 2004. PlatAfrica has awarded her a place in the top ten platinum smiths of South Africa. In 2006 one of her rings were chosen to be the most beautiful object at the design indaba. Need we say more?



Because he really needs an introduction? Jonathan Shapiro, 1958, South Africa has been editorial cartoonist for the Mail & Guardian since 1994, the Sunday Times since 1998 and The Times since May 2009. Previously he was editorial cartoonist for Sowetan 1994 – 2005, for Cape Argus 1996 -1997, Cape Times, The Star, The Mercury, Pretoria News 2005 – 2008. He has published 18 cartoon collections and has received numerous international and SA awards and two honorary doctorates.



Born and bred in Johannesburg and educated at Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, Kahn graduated with distinction in 1996 with a BA Fine Art (Honours). Kahn works mainly in oils, in a photo realistic style that is a representation of her own sometimes abstract photographs.



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