I’ve been remiss about posting to this blog, because I’ve been focusing on The Shining Girls Tumblr, where there’s lots of great, content, including reviews, interviews, research pictures and Jade Klara’s rendition of the Dead Duck stories.

Please do go check it out and in the meantime, I’ll try to catch up on some cross-posting.

Wired Murder Wall string theory

Kicking off with the Wired Magazine piece on how I plotted the novel, String Theory, in which I look like a crazy person.

Lauren Beukes has a murder wall. “It’s full of crazy pictures, three different timelines, murder dates…” The elaborate web of string, photos and objects above her desk helped Beukes to plot her latest book,The Shining Girls, about a time-travelling serial killer. “It’s been completely insane trying to keep track of all of this,” she says. Her other essential tool: “Scrivener.”

The image on their site is pretty big, if you want to zoom in for detail. SPOILER ALERT, obviously, and this was also one version back before the final draft, which means a couple of the notecards in the middle section, which is the book’s timeline, may  be ever so slightly off, if you’re geeky like that.