Katie McGuire over at Book Riot wrote about some of the comics she’s reading while she mourns the end of Penny Dreadful. It’s so cool to see Survivors’ Club, which I wrote with my brilliant friend Dale Halvorsen, on the list. Other great comics listed include Pretty Deadly, Locke and Key, and Tomb of Dracula. 

Katie writes:

Six people are brought together by past traumas to fight a larger, overarching evil, fighting to save the world from the very horrors that hurt them in their childhoods while also facing the assorted haunted houses, evil arcade games, and living dead dolls that made their lives living nightmares for so long.

Survivors’ Club is much like Penny Dreadful in that it was a short-lived series that acted a love letter to horror/storytelling of a certain era and is gone much too soon. You may find the ending of the comic a bit rushed, but it does tie-up nicely, making for a horror narrative full of turned-around tropes that’s overall a satisfying ride.

Photo of  Survivors’ Club and co nicked from the Criminal Records Comics Department’s insta. Cool combo!