Dale and I had an interesting chat with Zac Thompson of Bloody Disgusting about Survivors’ Club, 80’s horror tropes, and our amazing illustrator and co-creator, Ryan Kelly.


Here’s a snippet of the conversation on the intimacy of horror:

Bloody-Disgusting: What is it about a group of survivors that made you want to tell this story? How are they uniquely suited (or not suited) to take on the reoccurring occult horrors of your universe?

Lauren: It’s a running theme in my novels, from Zoo City to Broken Monsters – how we’re haunted by the things we’ve done or what we’ve lived through. Horror is very intimate, very personal. It has to be or it’s just empty jump scares. All our characters have found different coping mechanisms. Some less savory than others.

Dale: I’m fascinated by how events and choices in our lives shape us as people. What we take from childhood into adulthood stays with us. And sometimes our personal demons are harder to escape than any fictitious monster. I love this quote by Dr. Robert Baker (a psychologist and skeptic ‘ghost buster’) – ‘There are no haunted places, only haunted people.” Our survivors are VERY haunted people… some literally. It probably wasn’t a good idea for them to get together.

Click through here for the full interview and Issue #6 will be out next month, so pre-order now from your local comic books store or you can buy the whole series in digital from Comixology right now.

Survivors Club covers 1-5