Dale and I spoke with Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama about the inspiration behind Surviviors’ Club, the direction we’re taking the series and the team we are lucky enough to be working with.


Here’s an excerpt of our discussion:

Rogers: Ah, so it wouldn’t be accurate to describe the characters as heroes?

Halverson: They’re anti-heroes. We joke about how this is a crazy horror version of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Beukes: But that’s the big question. Are they survivors? Or the chosen ones?

Rogers: What’s the style of this comic book — humor, horror, adventure, dead serious?

Beukes: It’s capital-H Horror in its most evolved multi-tentacled form, which means sometimes it’s creeping dread and disturbing imagery, sometimes it’s shock and gore, but it’s always human and there’s a vein of humor and wit running through it — because that’s how we confront the darkness.

Click through here for the full interview and Issue #6 will be out this month, so pre-order now from your local comic books store or you can buy the whole series in digital from Comixology right now.

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Survivors Club covers 1-5